LET'S GET TECHNICAL: Workshops at #CORE2017

At #CORE2017, you won't be short on activities and learning. Presenting below are our workshops! From marketing and sales to finance to accounting and beyond - CSRS has got you covered.

Workshop 1: TD

Interest in social finance has growing across Canada as more social entrepreneurs begin making a sizable difference in our everyday lives. This workshop will demonstrate how TD has integrated social finance within the organization, including some of the challenges faced along the way. Additionally, the workshop will address the speaker's different paths to developing a career in this sector.

Workshop 2: P&G

As a leader in CSR within the CPG industry, this workshop will discuss P&G’s vision, progress to date and future goals regarding its sustainability efforts. Hosted by a past Schulich Alumni, she plans to tie in her experiences from this past summer in the RENeWW house (Retrofitted Net-Zero Energy, Water and Waste) for a fun-filled, engaging workshop!

Workshop 3: Tesla

Join representatives from Tesla as they drive you into an informative discussion on the company’s environmentally-focused product line and company visions for the future. As a leader in sustainable technology, their interactive and innovation-based workshop will definitely spark a desire to join the environmental movement with Tesla!

Workshop 4: KPMG

This workshop will underline KPMG’s continuous effort to combat changing global issues and how it has impacted the services they provide to their clients. Through an interactive case and discussion on KPMG’s service offerings, we can understand exactly what KPMG’s “Purpose at Work” really means.

You got your sneak peak. Now buy your tickets to get the full experience!


- CSRSociety

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