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This January marks a very long four-year journey since I attended my first CORE conference. Despite it being so long ago, I can still vividly remember my experience. CORE 2015 was the first large-scale university conference I attended in first year. I can still remember my reaction on day one, seeing and feeling the atmosphere of professionalism, eagerness and of course excitement for what the next two days would bring forth. At the time, I had no clue what career path I wanted to focus in, so for me attending CORE, a conference that brought together different specializations was a perfect opportunity to learn and meet different people.

Looking back, CORE was by far one of the most impactful events that put me on the track that I am on today.

If you are still thinking about why you should attend CORE 2018, let me leave you with a couple of key reasons why I believe you should.

1. CORE opened my eyes to different opportunities.

One of the best parts about CORE for me has always been the fact that is has never limited my opportunities to learn and hear from different perspectives. Every year, including back in my first year, CORE has brought together people from such a variety of backgrounds that we usually don’t get exposure to at Schulich. I still remember in a span of two days, I was able to meet people from the banks accounting firms, fast-food companies, real-estate agencies, retail and clothing organizations, which I had never experienced before. I was blown away by the different thoughts, career paths and stories I heard at CORE 2015. It was incredible. At times there were moments as a student you really feel trapped in the way you think or possibilities you believe are out there for you but at CORE, I felt anything but that. Hearing from so many different people about their stories, their journeys, made me feel like the possibilities are endless. All we have to do is go out and find them. So if you were like me, someone who doesn’t know what you want to pursue in life, someone who just wants to meet people and learn, then CORE 2018 is a perfect place for you to find those answers.

2. CORE is built on passion to help.

One of my favourite parts about attending CORE over the years has been the passion you see in every single person who is there with you. From delegates to executives to corporate representatives, everyone has this underlying similarity which is: that they want to help. Help the world, help the environment and help people. I think that is such a unique factor I have found at CORE. The passion you see when you are talking to everyone, the knowledge they provide and honest answers they give you by far has been such an incredible thing to witness. For someone who loves mentoring and helping people, seeing that come alive in the corporate representatives, keynotes and workshops really gave me such a huge inspiration to pursue what I love over the last four years. Many of the people I met at my first CORE conference I still continue to talk to, learn from and grow with and is why I tell everyone to come to CORE, because the possibilities are endless.

With that, I hope that I have given you two compelling reasons why CORE 2018 is a place you should be at on January 25 and 26th this new year.

CORE 2018: Stories of CSR is going to be a place where you tell the story of the legacy you want to leave behind.

Join us.

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